Natural Stone

Camel Buff Sandstone

Camel Buff Sandstone

Each piece of this beautiful Camel Indian Sandstone has its own unique pattern and tone variation. The variety of colours will range from greens, greys, buffs and light tones. Some pieces may have some banding and swirls running through them, which gives it fantastic charm.

Also available in Circles, Setts and Bullnose Steps.

15.25m2 Patio Pack* consist of: 600×900 x 13pcs; 600×600 x 13pcs; 600×290 x 13pcs; 290×290 x 9pcs
*patio pack coverage is obtained when laying with 10mm joints
600x600mm single size pack consist of 38pcs
600x900mm single size pack consist of 38pcs
600x290mm single size pack consist of 102pcs

Thickness: 22mm Face: Natural Spit Riven Edges: Handcut