What Material We Work With.

collection of etna stones


Porcelain is a mixture of 4-5 different sands (including feldspars, kaolin) grounded together, mixed with water and dried out in a huge spray drier which produces the porcelain sand.

mint sandstone

Natural Stone

As part of the production process, natural stone will contain blemishes, which include veining, chipping and small holes. All are natural characteristics of the stone. Most chips will not be visible once installed and pointed.

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About Us

We have a fantastic range of colours and finishes available in Natural Stone orPorcelain. They both have very different features but are both great for various requirements. Natural Stone paving have unique tone and heavy colour variations creating a beautiful finish, especially when wet, whereas porcelain paving is man-made, durable, hardwearing and will give you the perfect contemporary look all year round. Porcelain also requires little or no maintenance.

Living Stone

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